My wife loves Lowes. I don’t so much. Since there is one just down the street we often enter the doors of this store to “look around”. I’m pretty sure they only change things at most every season, but mostly it’s always the same, so I am not really sure why we need to “look around”. However, last night we dropped in just as they were closing, because Katie needed to replace a tape measure that she lost.

We grab the tape, and as we are walking out I spy what could possibly be the best thing I have ever seen at Lowes. It is the brand new Kobalt 53″ Stainless Tool Chest. This thing is massive. Not only that but there is a built in powerstrip on the left side, casters that support up to 4000lbs, LED lights, a XM/iPod compatible Pioneer sound system with 3 way speakers, and a mini fridge. I could now live in my garage. (If there was room). With tunes, light, and a fridge, why would I ever need to leave? I’ll be saving my pennies.

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