I have come across a new app for the iPhone that I absolutely love (so far).

It is the Drinks app. Before I begin I should also say that I am a big fan of the cocktail app as well. However what the Drinks app brings to the table is some features that are noticeably missing in the Cocktail app.

First is the volume of drinks. The Drinks app has around 4500 cocktail recipes. Some of these are indeed recipes that should never have been published or consumed, but if you have some friends who are into that sort of thing, or you are unfortunate enough to bartend at a place where these drinks are the norm, it could be helpful to you.

The second thing that I love is editing capabilities. This app gives you the power to change the recipes that it ships with, enabling you to tweak them to your own personal tastes. It also allows you to add in your own recipes, which is a great function for me, as I often will make a drink and then forget exactly how I made it that one time when it tasted so good.

And for those poor souls who just can’t decide what to drink, you can search by any ingredient and then add additional ingredients as you go. This is also helpful when your liquor cabinet gets low and you are unsure of what drinks you can still make.

Favorites is also included so you don’t have to wade through 4500 recipes to find the one you want, as is a random drink generator.