So this September, I went on a 3 week work trip to San Francisco to work on the Star Princess cruise ship while it was in dry dock at BAE Systems.  Our company did a remodel in the buffet restaurant on the 14th deck.  We removed Corian, laminate, and wood counters and replaced them with Silestone.

It took about three 10 hour days to complete the demolition, and the rest was spent doing installation, caulking, and reinstalling hardware and mechanicals. This was our first experience working on a cruise ship and we had a few issues due to not knowing exactly how marine construction differed from a typical restaurant situation.

Some interesting info about the project and the Star Princess:

BAE Systems at Pier 70 is now the largest dry dock on the west coast of North or South America
BAE did a 5 million dollar renovation to accomodate megaliners, the first being the Star Princess
BAE employed over 1000 workers for the duration of the project.
Princess Cruises contracted over 500 workers for the interior retrofit.
Our company (Spectrum Surfaces) installed 15,000 lbs of stone.
The Star Princess:
– 981 feet long
– 118 feet wide
– 1134 crew members
– 3100 passenger capacity
– 15 full decks and 2 partial for a total of 17
– Travels at 22 knots
– Weighs 109000 tons
– Holds 814000 gallons of fuel and burns 165 gal per hour

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