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Former Guns N’ Roses and current Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash has commenced recording his debut solo album with Josh Freese (A Perfect Circle, Nine Inch Nails) on drums, Chris Chaney (Jane’s Addiction) on bass, and Eric Valentine (Smash Mouth, Third Eye Blind, Good Charlotte) in the producer’s chair. Slash says, “I know you’re saying, ‘Didn’t Josh play with Axl’s Guns N’ Roses?!’ He did in the ’90s for a while but left after a couple years, so I don’t know if it counts much. Besides, that doesn’t undermine that he is an amazing drummer.”

Regarding which singers will guest on his upcoming CD, Slash said, “Unfortunately, I can’t divulge that info yet, but you’ll know soon enough. I will say, however, that they are fantastically talented songwriters who it’s been an honor to work and write with, to say the least.”

Slash’s wife Perla Hudson said in a video interview at that both Ozzy Osbourne and Fergie will make guest appearances on her husband’s upcoming solo album. Slash himself told The Pulse of Radio that he was still working out the guest list. “I’m using different singers for each song, so we’re figuring out which song goes with which person and I’m not sort of divulging the list of singers, but they’re all well-known singers and…sort of, you know, like I go and play on a lot of other people’s records, so I’m just making a record and gonna have people come play on this one, you know.”

Slash left Guns N’ Roses in the mid-’90s, forming Slash’s Snakepit before later assembling Velvet Revolver with several other ex-members of Guns N’ Roses and Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland.

Velvet Revolver is currently searching for a replacement for Weiland, who was dismissed last April.

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