Currently on iTunes you can download what I feel is one of the best cocktail apps for your iPhone or iPod touch. The app is only free until the 12th of April, so be sure to check it out pronto.

Coctails+ was created by the minds over at It is by far my favorite cocktail app, and features the contemporary masters collection, showcasing recipes by Jamie Boudreau, Dale DeGroff, and Gonçalo De Souza Monteiro.

Other features:

* No “noise”. All recipes were vetted by experts and nearly all have been published.
* Contemporary Masters program presents cutting-edge recipes from esteemed mixologists.
* Recipes of the same name are grouped for side-by-side comparison—a unique feature that enables the user to see how some drinks have changed over time.
* Imperial (ounces or gills) and metric (centiliters or milliliters) units.
* Mark favorites for future reference.
* Share recipes with friends through Facebook (New!), Twitter, and email.