A new beer on the market has unthroned Scottish Brewdog’s Tactical Nuclear Penguin (which weighed in at 32abv) as the strongest beer in the world. Now the title appears to have been taken by a Germany company who has come up with an even stronger brew.

Schorschbrau has created the Schorschbock 40, which as it’s name suggests is a whopping 40abv. The whisky-like brew has gone on sale in Scotland where it sells for £10 a glass.

The beer is sold in .33 liter ceramic bottles. Each one is signed and hand-numbered by the brewmaster. Bottles are sealed with wax by hand and come in a wooden case with a transparent window on one side. Only around 40 bottles have been made.

Now I am not really sure if this should be categorized as a beer, or as a new class of malt beverage, but I do know that no one will be pounding pints of this while remaining standing for very long.