This next drink first appears in the 1892 book The Flowing Bowl by William Schmidt. Apparently Schmidt loved to create his own drinks with odd and questionable ingredients, and only occasionally came up with a winner, and this cocktail is definitely a winner!

None of the ingregents in this book are really rare, or unusual in my book. Sure, it uses an egg white, but to me that has just become part and parcel to a great cocktail. I’m not sure I can really even enjoy a sour without that old school layer of foam on the top. Anyhow, the drink does contain Applejack, which I think can be classified as America’s original native spirit. A distillate of hard cider, Applejack is a much bolder “version” of Calvados, the French apple brandy. Applejack, technically is a brandy, but tastes, acts, and is used more like a whiskey. While there were once many distilleries producing this product, now there are few.

Laird & Company of New Jersey is the sole remaining company producing applejack. They make two versions, a generic version of apple spirits mixed with neutral grain spirits, and a bottled-in-bond product. Get the latter if you can find it. Clear Creek Distillery in Oregon also makes an apple brandy that is quite bold, and I think can be subbed for the Applejack if need be.

The Delicious Sour
2 oz Applejack
2 oz Peach flavored Brandy
1 oz Lime Juice
1 Egg White
1 tsp Sugar
Top with Soda Water

The Delicious Sour upon first sip gives a great apple flavor, followed by a rich peach taste, and has a long finish of the sour, flavored again by apple. It is not harsh, in fact, despite that there are 4 oz of liquor, I could barely taste any alcohol at all. Really a splendid drink, and one that I think I will enjoy often. Or at least will press upon others until they give in!