Yesterday while browsing through the beer aisle at my local grocers, I came across a new brew from New Belgium that I had to try. Eric’s Ale is a sour peach ale, and in their own words, “a sour ale for those who don’t like sour ales, and a fruit ale for those who don’t like fruit ales.”  While I can agree with the fruit statement, I don’t think I can really agree with the sour statement.  This is definitely a sour ale.  If you don’t like sour ales, you probably won’t like this one either.  Not that it’s bad in any way.  Compared to New Belgium’s La Folie sour brown ale, this beer is mild in the sour dept, but still packs a pretty good kick.

Eric’s Ale pours a clear amber with minimal head, taste is of sour apple and honey, Acidity is present but not overpowering in any way, which is a plus for this beer.  Finishes long and dry with a taste of unripe peaches.  The Ale weighs in at 7% ABV, but doesn’t quite seem that heavy, probably due to the fact that its a sipping beer, not a chugging beer.  Eric’s Ale would pair nicely with bbq dishes, teriyaki, or any other dish that was heavier on the sweet and needs some acidity to balance it out.