Habanero Tequila
375ml Tequila
15 Habanero Peppers
48 Hours

I removed about 4 oz of the tequila to make room for the peppers. As this was my first time with such a potent infusion, rather than cutting the peppers open, all I did was remove the stem from the peppers and drop them into the bottle. I was planning for a 48 hour infusion, so I started on a thursday night. By friday night, the tequila had a pretty good smell to it, but by saturday around noon it was getting a real kick to it. Had a first taste right around the 48 hour mark. The initial sip was still very much tequila, but that quickly faded to a long lingering habanero finish. Just about right I thought. I made a couple drinks with it, that I will post up shortly.