Maudite is a bottle conditioned Belgian Strong Ale, produced by Unibroue in Quebec, Canada. Featuring a signature Belgian yeast on a pilsner malt and wheat foundation, candied sugar, spices, hops and citrus deliver a great combintation of flavors, bolstering a deceptively stong alcohol content of 8%ABV. Immediately noticeable on pouring into a glass is its dark red mahogany shade with heavy carbonation forming a thick and artful tan head full of attractive lacing. The noble hop choices compliment a bubbly and sharp sweetness bringing together a spicy zest over roasted barley notes.

Unibroue claims that Maudite gets better with age, between five and eight years if stored appropriately, so go out and by a bottle for now, and a bottle for later. In the pacific northwest, Maudite is available at most Haggen locations, as well as Trader Joe’s.

Unibroue first brewed Maudite in 1992. Maudite means “Damned” and the label art tells the legend of a group of Quebecois voyageurs that made a deal with the devil so that their canoe would fly and help them get home before winter storms hit.