Well, despite being a busy time of the year and a short time frame to work with, we had a good turn out for Mixology Monday this month. The theme of Forgotten Cocktails, brought out plenty of delicious drinks, some I am familiar with, some I have heard of but never tried, and some that were completely new. Thanks to all the participants for digging deep and bringing up a drink that you think we should all get to know. Lets get on with the roundup.

First up we have Mark and his version of Curacao Punch. He finds the classic recipe as provided by Ted Haigh to be frighteningly sweet, and dials back the curacao while increasing the cognac. Looks like a well balanced, delicious punch!

Next up we have Fredrick over at Cocktail Virgin Slut, who introduces us to the Golden Cadillac. A interesting twist on an Alexander using Galliano instead of the traditional gin or brandy. Unfamiliar to me, and I’m sure many others, but looks like a drink worth trying.

Then we have Ed over at Wordsmithing Pantagruel, who would like to bring our attention to the 20th Century Cocktail. He provides us with 5 different versions of the cocktail, and as a bonus gives us an original cocktail based on the 20th century, but taunts me by using obscure ingredients.

Next we have Malty Puppy, who gives us the Cameo Kirby, a martini-like variation, named after a 1923 movie.

Keith at theSpeakista brings us back to the basics and highlights the Rusty Nail, a simple cocktail that he believes will arouse an interest in a spirit that many may not appreciate or enjoy.

The SpiritedRemix brings to us the Oriental Cocktail, a classic rye based drink with a modern flavor and ingredients that artfully battle together for flavor dominance.

Next up Ereich Empey over at Musings on Cocktails, would like to bring our attention to the Automobile Cocktail, a true prohibition-era cocktail that mixes scotch, holland’s gin, and vermouth with great success.

Rowen at the Fogged in Lounge, highlights the Blue Train Special, a pineapple royale with cognac that makes an excellent alternative to the over-popular mimosa.

Doug over at the Pegu Blog, takes this opportunity to remind us once again of the Pegu Cocktail. And why not. This is an excellent drink that really does need to be brought back into the mainstream drinkers repertoire.

Raised Spirits brings us the Vermouth Cocktail, and reminds us of good vermouth handling and storage procedures as well as recommends some good brands to try. While Vermouth is not something that the general public has yet to embrace, it is something that they should try.

Understanding Cocktails tempts us with the oft forgotten Satan’s Whiskers. This is a complex cocktail that requires some level of measuring skill to create a balanced drink, and comes in two flavors, straight and curled.

Andy at Sybaritic Wanderings highlights his house cocktail, The Claridge Cocktail. Hailing from the Savoy Cocktail Book, this yet another delicious vintage cocktail.

Old Town Alchemy digs deep into their back bar to bring us yet another Scotch based cocktail, the Adelle Special. While his cocktail doesn’t quite have the lasting appeal of the Rusty Nail, he is able to spice it up with the addition of some bitters. Everything is better with bitters!

Science of Drink takes this opportunity to remind us of the Jupiter Cocktail, which uses his favorite liqueur, Parfait Amour.

Marc, at A Drinker’s Peace, tries out the Fourth Regiment cocktail, an intriguing blend of rye, vermouth, and not one or two, but three flavors of bitters. Like I said before, more bitters is better.

Erik, at the Underhill Lounge continues his quest of mixing up every cocktail in the Savoy Cocktail Book, and in the process highlights the Warday’s Cocktail.

Felicia’s Speakeasy would like to draw our attention to the Gin Sangaree, although she apparently has a hatred for doing floats and/or flaming zests đŸ˜‰

Jacob Grier mixes up a Clubland Cocktail, for him a rare Vodka based drink that is great to have in your pocket when your vodka drinking friends come a knocking.

Scofflaw’s Den brings us the Avenue Cocktail, which blends bourbon and calvados, along with several somewhat hard to find ingredients. A great cocktail, and he provides the links to obtain those ingredients as well.

AJ, from Done Like Dundee highlights Absinthe. He brings us a couple of drinks that would make good intro’s for anyone who has yet to try this rejuvenated spirit.

Dave, at The Barman Cometh would like to encourage us to revisit the Fish House Punch. One of the best punches I have had for a while, this is a true vintage punch that should definitely be revived.

Paul at The Cocktail Chronicles highlights California Brandy, and brings us two cocktails based upon the aforementioned ingredients; The Bombay Cocktail and the Brandy Scaffa.

Stevi over at Two at the Most asks us to check out the Alaska Cocktail, a chilling blend of chartreuse and gin. Yellow Chartreuse is the preferred variety, but can be made with either.

The Backyard Bartender brings us a trio of cocktails that will either revive you from last nights hangover, or maybe just kill you.

Finally, your host brings you a duo of cocktails featuring Applejack as the base spirit, the Delicious Sour and the Jack Rose.

So there you have it. A pile of unknown cocktails that deserve to be brought back to life. So pick several and mix them up. If you enjoy them, go ahead and spread the word! Thanks again to everyone who participated and to Paul Clarke for keeping this thing going. Cheers.