I have recently taken up brewing beer at home. While my wife will say that I don’t really have the time for another hobby, it is really fun to brew your own beer. In addition to making something that you can enjoy and share with friends, it gives you a great opportunity to learn more about beer. From beer styles and ingredients, to brewing methods, there is an abundance of information out there that will not only allow you to brew great beer, but have a blast doing it.

So with that in mind, I have been doing a lot of reading in regards to home brew methods and brewery design, and I have come up with the design for my home brewery. Following the lead of Lonnie Mac, a great homebrewer and the pioneer of the Brutus 10 concept, I am going to be building a modified version of his Brutus 2.0, also taking may of the suggestions from JKarp over at the Home Brew Talk forums.

What I am going to be building will be a version of a 2 vessel RIMS system, or more specifically, a Constant Recirculation Direct Fired Mash system. My system will be a 30amp electric system built around a 8gal Boil Kettle/Hot Liquor Tank and a 5gal Mash/Lauter Tun cooler. Heating/Boiling will be accomplished with a 5500watt heater coil mounted in the Boil Kettle. Chilling will be accomplished with a counterflow chiller permanently plumbed into a single pump. Temperatures for Mashing/Sparging will be monitored and controlled by a PIDs with RTD sensors.

Even though all the cool people are building fancy stands out of polished or powder coated stainless, since I have no welding skills I have repurposed an entertainment stand that I built when I still lived at home. It is made of Corian solid surface material and will be very durable, as well as a breeze to keep clean. Locking casters have been added to the bottom for portability as well as safety. While this is mostly in the design phase, keep your eye out for updates as I will try to document my progress. Cheers!