Continuing with my belgian beer theme, this week we are sampling Chimay Grand Reserve.

The Chimay Brewery is a Trappist brewery founded in 1862, at the Scourmont Abbey in Chimay, Belgium. A Trappist brewery, is a brewery that produces beer brewed by or under the supervision of Trappist monks, and the purpose of the brewery must be directed toward assistance and not toward financial profit. Although there are around 175 Trappist monasteries, there are only 7 that produce beer (six in Belgium and one in the Netherlands). The Chimay brewery produces three widely distributed ales and a patersbier exclusively for the monks. All of their beers are made from water, malted barley, wheat starch, sugar, hop extract and yeast. Malt extract may be used in their darker beers for coloring.

Chimay Grand Reserve is a belgian dark strong ale with a complex malty sweetness. There are aromas of dark cherries, with no noticeable hop aroma. The beer pours a very dark copper brown color with a huge, dense, tan-colored head. The beer is refermented in the bottle and is fairly hazy due to the presence of the yeast. It has malty, dry flavor with almost no hop bitterness for a beer of this strength with the alcohol content providing some of the balance to the malt. High carbonation helps to add to the smooth mouthfeel that goes down smoothly. At 9% abv, this is a dark, very rich, complex, Belgian ale. One of the best examples of a Belgian dark strong ale. Highly Recommended. Cheers!