A couple of years ago, when I was first starting to get into cocktails, one of my observations was that a awful lot of classic drinks called for rye whiskey as a base. Well, here in WA state, the rye selection was abysmal at best. In my particular area the only option was Old Overholt. Not a bad whiskey by any means, but all those bourbon lovers had their selection, why couldn’t the rye lovers have theirs. Well times have changed and we have an ever expanding selection to choose from. I myself have more ryes than any other variety of whiskey, and that is an exciting thing.

On March 1st, Bulleit released their latest product, a 90 proof rye whiskey with a grain bill of 95% rye and 5% malted barley, aged between 4 and 7 years. The product is said to be distilled at Lawrenceburg Distillers, the same distillery that produces Templeton Rye. So how does it stack up? Lets take a look.

Bulleit Rye pours a light amber color indicative of a much younger whiskey. It has aromas of dry spice, some cherry, tobacco, and a kind of yeasty ester that I can’t quite place. The taste is superb. Very crisp taste with a punch of peppery spiciness. The muted smokiness that is present in Bulleit’s bourbon is absent here, which is a little disappointing as it is something that I was expecting. A little caramelized toffee with some vanilla and oak flavors. The finish is long, with no sweetness whatsoever. I felt as if the mouthfeel was a little thin somehow, but all in all, an excellent rye whiskey at $32 here in WA. Cheers!