After 4 years of featuring Skinny Dip as their summer seasonal beer, Colorado’s New Belgium Brewing has changed it up with an all new summer beer called Somersault.

Labeled as an American Blonde Ale, this 5.2% abv ale, is a departure from the traditions usually found in New Belgiums offerings. This beer is mashed with oats for smoothness, hopped with a generous dose of Centennial hops, brewed with some apricot and ginger, and then fermented with an American Hefeweizen yeast.

Somersault pours a bright, clear blonde color, with a short white head that lingers in the glass until the end. It is carbonated fairly high up on the scale, and has strong aromas of grassy hay and hops with some honey flavors lingering in the background. The malt flavors are very subdued and serve more as a playground for the other flavors to romp around on. Big, bold, citrusy hops with just a touch of fruitiness are the initial flavors, followed by a small taste of yeast and maybe some honeyed ginger. The finish is mildly bitter and fairly dry. Although it says to serve at 45 degrees, pulling one of these ice cold beers out of the cooler on a nice sunny day would be my preference. While it is a departure from their tried and true summer seasonals, I think this one will stick around for a while. Cheers!