Back in March when I was up in Vancouver for Tales of the Cocktail On Tour, I made a point to stop in at several of BC’s liquor stores to see what I could find that is not locally available to me. In addition to several bottles of liquor, I picked up a couple of beers that are not available in the US, including Unibroue’s Raftman.

This beer is billed as being brewed from peat-smoked whisky malt, and the comparison is undeniable. It pours a golden amber color with a moderate haze and a thick head that recedes to a gentle lacing. The aromas are woody, gently smoked malt, with hints of vanilla, yeast, and apricots. It has an amazingly smooth mouthfeel, with great, crisp flavors of toffee sweetness, peppery spiciness, and a hint of yeast. At only 15 IBU’s the hop flavors are very lights, but appear at the end of the swallow and provide a great dry finish. This beer is quite different than the majority of Unibroue’s offerings, and at 5.5% abv, makes a great session beer.

Raftman is only available in Canada, which is a shame because I really enjoyed it, and would probably drink it on a regular basis if it were available. Definitely worth picking up if you come across it. Cheers!