This cocktail is all that remains from a whole family of cocktails created with the purpose of a morning pick-me-up in mind. In the late 19th, early 20th century, it was not all that uncommon to enjoy a cocktail first thing in the morning to “revive the corpse” as it were.

While there was a whole family of these drinks, there are really only two in existence today, and only one of those is worth trying. Harry Craddock, author of The Savoy Cocktail Book (1930), comments that “four of these taken in swift succession will unrevive the corpse again.” Now, I’m not sure that anyone needs four of these in quick succession, but it is a fantastic drink for sure, and one of my favorites. Ironically, when I was in New Orleans, a city steeped in classic cocktail culture, this was one drink that I had a difficult time finding a bartender that could make a proper one for me.

Anyways, this is an excellent cocktail to use as an introduction to the classics. It has a slightly tart, herbal flavor, with a sweetness that is at the same time dry and clean. I highly recommend that you give this one a try. Cheers!

Corpse Reviver #2
1 oz Gin
1 oz Cointreau
1 oz Lemon Juice
1 oz Lillet Blanc
1 tsp Absinthe