Outside of the box. That is the goal for Jamie Boudreau and his soon to be open bar, Canon. Last night my wife and I had the opportunity to make the journey down to Seattle for a sneak peak of this “destined for renown” establishment.

Immediately upon walking through the doors we were greeted by the intimate, angostura stained bar; the lower half wrapped with pages from Harry Johnson’s Bartenders Manual. The back bar is a beautiful array of liquor and glassware, interspersed with vintage cocktail paraphernalia, including a glistening champagne saber. The sight is impressive, but according to Boudreau, it is just the tip of the iceberg. Eventually the shelving will stretch around the entire room, adding to the already impressive collection of spirits.

We were seated and served a delicious punch and given the opportunity to soak in the scene further. Later Boudreau wowed our taste buds with his current iteration of the Canon cocktail: whiskey, cognac and sweet vermouth, topped with a cassis foam and a stenciled canon of bitters.

Boudreau shared that Canon will run computer free, excepting the credit card machine, with all sales run through a vintage cash register once owned by Charles Wrigley, Jr. of Chicago, Illinois. Stepping further outside of the box, Canon’s drink program will include table side punch service, personal bottled cocktails, and a hardbound cocktail menu comprised of around 100 cocktails, with a small selection of rotating specials that will be indicated by a bookmark in the menu.

Beyond fine cocktails and the obligatory beer and wine, Canon will offer a rotating menu of food for sharing – always served with the utmost attention to detail in even quantities, to better facilitate sharing among a group and avoiding the need for a knife. If the preview was any indication, the food will be just as good as the drink.

In just those few evening hours, it was apparent, though still a work in progress, Jamie Boudreau has achieved his goal. Welcome to the outside of the box.