Mort Subite Blanche Lambic is a an amazing beer produced in Asse-Kobegem, Belgium, by the Alken-Maes Breweries group.

Brewed according to the centuries-old recipe of spontaneously fermented Lambic from malt, wheat and hops, this is a fairly dry, fruit-packed, 5% ABV ale that is incredibly smooth. It pours a light hazy yellow/orange, and reminds me a lot of an extremely yeasty witbier. The aromas are of lemon, loads of peaches, all highlighted by that rich yeasty smell characteristic of Belgian ales. On the tongue, the tastes are of sweet malt, wheat and spices, all complemented by that rich apricot taste. No hop aromas are present due to the aged hops used in Lambic production, although the finish has a slight pleasing bitterness to it.

If you have never quaffed a lambic before, then this is an excellent example to seek out for your first one. Be sure to grab a pint wherever you see it, because this is not a beer that sticks around. Cheers!

[rating: 5/5]